Anemon is a company what is located in İzmir, Turkey. it vas founded in 2003 by Oğuz Kiraz (an Engeneer), Fahri Kiraz (a dentist) and in 2007 they wave joined by Melek Ramoğlu a physical therapist. In the same year they started the ALCI TERAPI OZEL EGITIM VE REHABILITASYON MERKEZI, a children's physical hevapy centre.

We are a manufaturer, as well as a research and developenent supplier for disabled people's equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, crutehes and walking sticks among many others. Recently we have also started the manufactoring of special pillows what help with lordosis problem of the neck, hospitaal beds, commode toilets and many more.

Anemon company has been awarded by xavious grownmont bodies with grants. Organisations such as TUBİTAK (The Scientific and Thechnological Resarch Counsel Of Turkey), KOSGEB and IZKA (Izmir Development Agency) TUBITAK especially funded our project for manufactoring MGTs (Multi Purposal Gate Traniners) These are used for rehabilitain for persons who are unable to walk on their own as a Walking Aid. KOSGEB funded us specifically for our project to mass manufacture the special pillows that are used by persons with the lordosis problem. (Correction Device)

Currently we are manufactoring beach camping chairs, beach chairs, office chairs and varius kinds of iron, stainless steel and alluminium products.